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We offer free unbiased advice regarding any masonry alterations task.

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(To help us help you, please read part 2 of our 2019 propping guide to ensure you give us sufficient information of your task.)


Book A Brick Brace Demonstration upon your project from as little as £500.00 of which Includes ½ day training & the Brick Brace Full Set.

We also provide the following professional services;

 lintel repair, repointing & brickwork, replace cavity trays and D.P.C’s Reinforce & stabilise masonry for a number of different tasks, including under pinning & for window replacement, refurbishment & renovations and all remedial works, brickwork renovations & repairs.

If you would like a quote for a particular task or you have any questions, please call Anthony on;

Office:01895 546405

mobile: 07545 462463