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Promoting Best Practice During Masonry Alterations

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Full access, no impeding props and supporting all of the masonry above the opening at any height.

(Picture taken with a panoramic lens)

When knowing every task of masonry alterations is different, it will be planned upon its own merit and carried out safely by using a variety of equipment that supports all of the masonry and gives the correct fitting/working access without dangerously overloading the structure above.

The stability & lateral strength of masonry is unpredictable & varies upon every task of which depends on the length of the opening, the mortar mix, the age & the quality of the masonry.

All existing propping methods rely on the unknown lateral strength of the masonry to work safely.

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 The Brick Brace increases the stability & lateral strength where needed and where totally neglected in the past.


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We have studied temporary masonry support for many years, more than anyone before us, our fully patented method of strengthening masonry before any alterations take place is the further preparation required for safer and superior results. 


Mr S. Dunaway

 (Builder, Surrey)

 Top quality product.

“After taking the time to read and understand what the Brick Brace has to offer, I can now appreciate the impact this system can have on improving the safety of structural alterations.
After all structural alterations are the only general construction based procedures where NO training or advice is offered to any tradesman”.

“For me, Brick Brace is not just a product; it has provided an understanding of the task, with clear guidance on the limitations of all the equipment.
I also received very helpful advice and instructions from the guys at Brick Brace regarding my own project.
I challenge you all to find another company so invested in your own safety when it comes to structural alterations”.


Brick Brace safety tools are fitted three bricks apart in a cement mortar mix, a maximum of two and a half bricks apart in a weak/ lime mortar mix and within every perpendicular joint upon Block work.

 Brick Brace Half set 

Openings up to 3,150 mm (14 brick lengths) at any height high or low, with full access to the task & safely supporting all 91 bricks within the triangle of masonry above the opening within a typical Stretcher bond.

photo 5

 Full Set Options

Openings up to 4,500mm using only one Acrow prop fitted central and clipped to the horizontal scaffold tube.

where to use 04

Openings up to 5,400mm  with full fitting access when using a 6 metre aluminium scaffold beam over the opening.

IMG 0866

We created the Brick Brace to counter act all of the hidden problems of propping from one side of the wall and to make masonry alterations more controllable, safer and easier during the task and to ensure future generations are taught correctly.


Proven through risk assessment the Brick Brace reduces risk from a dangerous task and prevents the same needless reoccurring accidents.

A Strongboy was designed in the mid 1980’s when openings were smaller and a cavity only 50mm, due to changes in construction design a typical cavity has now doubled to 100mm and 150mm+ upon newer properties for further thermal value and open plan living accommodation has also vastly increased the opening and steel sizes within a typical residential extension.

Attempting tasks which require longer and wider steels with welded top/bottom plates for wider cavities a Strongboy’s safe working load is severely compromised when over extending even further from the wall to gain more fitting space.

Using the Brick Brace in-conjunction with the traditional propping methods reduces labour & repair time without cutting corners or compromising safety, supports the masonry in between props and also improves the unknown variable safe working load of all existing propping methods.


It’s more luck than judgement when the lateral strength of masonry and the weight of the structure above an opening varies and bendable tongues sitting upon misused Acrow props with a variable & unknown safe working load are used.

We highly recommend bracing the external brickwork beforehand as a safety belt to support all of the masonry in-between props, to give a safer fitting access and to reduce the risk of collapse from overloading.

IMG 0770 e1579268514862

The Brick Brace Safety tool/system, weight charts, correct procedures & proven strategies address all the main causes of minor and major collapse during masonry alterations.

When fitted with a Strongboy or any other similar designed product an Acrow props safe working load decreases by at least 90%, from 3,400kg down to the maximum 340kg and can even reduce down to 0kg of which depends on the size & the working height of the Acrow prop, how plumb, how tightly fitted and how far the Acrow prop is positioned from the centre of the wall.

(Below is a graph showing the variations of an Acrow props Safe Working Load when concentrically loaded from head plate straight down to foot plate.)

photo 14

To avoid curving the inner tube of an Acrow prop, it should not exit the outer tube more than 50% when eccentrically propping.

An overloaded Strongboy  solely relies on the lateral strength of the masonry to avoid collapse which is why the Brick Brace should also be used to strengthen the masonry when propping, especially within lime mortar masonry due to its weaker strength.

Without warning a Strongboy misuses the Acrow prop due to the severe eccentricity of the load and because the web changes the direction of the load onto the side of the Acrow props inner tube of which is designed only for vertical loads from the head plate down to the foot plate.

prop wise product wording 2

 An eccentrically loaded Acrow prop curves and loses height when overloaded or over tightened.

The fully tested Brick Brace safety tool is inserted into a drilled out mortar perpendicular joint and tightened with a 19mm ratchet spanner which increases the unknown lateral strength of bonded lime & cement mortar masonry with a force of 40Nm which through vigorous testing is proven to be strong and stable enough to prevent collapse on site during alterations.

9″ Brickwork Example

The Brick Brace holds all of the un-supported brickwork

IMG 0563

Green propped, Orange Braced.

(Props fitted internally when possible for clear fitting access)


Fit a permanent support with ease at any height, replace lintels, fit new cavity trays and D.P.C’s with nothing to impede. Re-instate a load point to reduce the weight of the load & safely reduce the number of impeding props from the fitting area. The Brick Brace reinforces & stabilises masonry for a number of different tasks, including under pinning & window replacement and is a further aid for all remedial works, brickwork renovations & repairs.


IMG 4269

Prop internally upon bonded 9″ to 13″ walls and brace externally for superior and safer fitting access.

Lime mortar 9″ masonry has very little lateral strength and can weigh over 600kg per square metre, (120 bricks plus mortar) which would require at least five Strongboy’s per linear metre (at 167mm centre’s) on wide openings upon a typical two storey residential property, this can weigh 1,440Kg per linear metre without roof loads which makes using Strongboy’s highly unsuitable for the task without also using the Brick Brace to reduce the weight of the load.

The misleading theory behind the Strongboy is to use fewer Acrow props and to reduce masonry damage and is marketed within that manner, which certainly is not the case when the maximum safe working load is only a fraction (1/5) of the correct propping and needling method and when fitting & maintaining the 340kg safe working load the hole within both sides of the cavity wall or a 9″ wall is actually larger than fitting a needle and with at least five times more fitting holes required than one 1,700kg safe working load needle.

Why prop both skins upon the bendable part of the tongue from outside when the internal skin is furthest away from the prop & weighs far more due to the unknown floor and roof loads?

Brace Externally For Superior & Safer Access & Prop Internally To Avoid Overloading.

Reduce risk of minor & major collapse upon wider openings by bracing the masonry when dangerously removing an opening down to the full depth to gain sufficient access for genie lifts within a forest full of loaded Acrow props.

The Brick Brace also allows impeding props to be maneuvered safely during a task. 

IMG 0865 e1576149015585

 Also use as a safety belt above openings when propping or needling to reduce the weight of the load to prevent collapse from overloading & accidental knocks of loaded props from masonry removal, to safely minimise the number of Acrow props within the fitting area, to hold the brickwork in-between props and to also support the masonry as one whole piece rather than individual bricks as in the case of only using existing propping equipment. 

(Instructions are provided with every product we sell and also available to read/print via our instruction/download page, on-site demonstrations are also available).

Now in our eighth year of business, with tens of thousands of Brick Brace safety tools sold and used worldwide every year!

Pro Builder Magazines Product of The Year 2015

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Recent E-Bay feedback

“I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to use this product!! Brilliant.”

IMG 0842

BRILLIANT! Saved a lot of time and the beam went in with very little effort and no lifting gear due to our scaffold platform. I would highly recommend this system and we will be using it for all opening works from now on.

J. Hoggard, Builder

East Riding Of Yorkshire

The Brick Brace is designed to offer further & safer options, to give superior results with a safer fitting/working access and also helps to prevent collapse through overloading for the vast majority of the different tasks of masonry alterations.

(Read our 2020 propping guide for further information regarding the many different scenarios of masonry alterations and find out why a variety of temporary masonry support equipment most suitable should be used).

Due to thirty years of misleading instructions the Strongboy has increased the risk of the user to overload & to underestimate the weight of masonry and has also suppressed the true level of knowledge that is required to carry out masonry alterations correctly.



Which masonry requires support?

A 45 degree angle upon half bonded block work, a 35 degree angle in a Stretcher bond and a 25 degree angle upon a Flemish or English bond, from both ends of the opening, carrying up through the bed and perp joints to the central perpendicular joint where both angles meet is the location of a load-point.

photo 14

 When an opening is made within an existing wall and a load point is intact, the triangle of brickwork above the opening is the only masonry that could collapse, therefore this is the only masonry that requires temporary support.

This small triangle of masonry is also what Strongboy’s were designed to support when fitted 900mm apart and used within the 215mm maximum eccentricity.

Upon larger openings within a typical two storey residential property and any of the 3 points of the triangle do not remain, this law changes and all of the weight of the storey height above will rest back over the length of the opening (including roof loads, when they apply) due to the masonry above not safely arching.

photo 15

This masonry can weigh up to 10 times more in most cases than just the smaller triangle and is why Strongboy’s are so easily overloaded upon wider openings.

Fit the Brick Brace to reinstate a load-point, as shown within the drawing below to safely reduce the weight of the load back to the small triangle of masonry and to minimise the amount of impeding Strongboy’s required without dangerously overloading the equipment.

photo 1

(Scenario C below, shows the Brick Brace Safety System being used within a lime mortar mix)

photo 2

The Brick Brace Safety tool, weight charts, correct procedures & proven strategies address all the main causes of minor and major collapse during masonry alterations.

Please view our masonry weight awareness chart for further guidance.

Watch our video!


 Guaranteed to pay for itself within two applications!

To fit the Brick Brace Safety Tool you require a hammer drill with a 10mm masonry drill bit to remove the mortar from the perpendicular joint and a 19mm socket spanner to expand the inserted Brick Brace.

The Brick Brace safety system requires a scaffold tube, Hammer Drill, 8mm and 10mm masonry drill bits, 15, 19, 21mm sockets and a ratchet. The 40Nm torque required to expand the Brick Brace is similar to tightening a scaffold fitting. To remove the masonry below, use a disc cutter and a light set hammer drill with the correct chisel fittings, a masonry or traditional hand saw is sufficient for lime mortar mixes, full instructions and a correct procedure are provided and also available to read or print via our instructions/download page.

photo 13

We Are Here To Help You Adapt!

For unbiased advice regarding any masonry alterations task contact us; 01895 546405


Call Anthony On; 07545 462463


To help us help you, please read our 2020 masonry wall propping guide to ensure you give us sufficient information of your task.


Book A Brick Brace Demonstration On your own project, from as little as £500.00, Includes ½ day training & the Brick Brace Full Set.



Prop internally when Bracing the external for superior access 

The Prop-Wise uses the top head plate of the Acrow prop, rather than the side of an Acrow props inner tube.

Designed with a flat head to ease internal use at ceiling heights and fits neatly into a tool bag.

The safest method of propping 4″ to 6″masonry.

Superior safe working load due to lower eccentricity, meaning fewer props are used.

The Prop-Wise is supplied with full instructions and Acrow prop guidance and is by far the safest tongued prop attachment on the market.

Prop-Wise x 4 – Click Here To View Product

prop wise 1

Only £99.00

Brick Brace review

By Lateral Solutions Group Ltd

(April 2016)

Having been a builder now for over 30 years, I could be justifiably accused of being stuck in my ways in certain aspects of the building trade, one of those areas are removing sections of load bearing walls and creating new window and door openings, tools required, Props, Needles & Strong boys . . . . . Not anymore!

 After reading an article regarding safe working loads of when using Acrow props, in a nut shell the load calculations are as follows ; 

An Acrow prop, max S.W.L is 3,400Kg

Two Acrow props & a needle method this is then reduced to max S.W.L 1,700kg

 An Acrow fitted with a prop attachment ( Strongboy) this is then reduced to max S.W.L 340Kg

So with a little research on the best kept secret in the building trade . . . 

Brick Brace steps into the ring! 

I’ve used this product now for nearly 1 year, first of all, it’s like carrying around 12 Acrows,5 Needles & two Strongboys in a small tool box, Great start! 

Secondly, does it work & How?

The answer to the first question is an easy yes it does!

The answer to the second question, without sounding like a salesman for this product is as follows;

A single Brace that fits in your hand can support an opening of up to 1575mm opening supporting the full triangle of Cement, mortar & masonry above.

With the full kit, as mentioned carried in a small toolbox capable of supporting an opening of up to 4500mm with the use of only 1 prop to the middle! No Acrow hindering access for the installation of steels, no repairing brickwork above where to needles were! Window opening above ground floor. . A breeze!

 Finally in my opinion . . . IT’S A KNOCK OUT!! Brick Brace  wins, hands down! 

I have now vowed as a builder to stop living in the dark ages and start moving forward with new equipment and new methods of construction.



“Excellent and Impressive product”

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