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 Create openings at any height with clear fitting access. Replace lintels, fit cavity fire barriers, cavity trays & D.P.C’s with ease. Reduce the weight of the load and Strengthen masonry to eliminate the risk of collapse when eccentrically propping.


A Helping Hand From Above

The Safest & Easiest Way To Fit A Permanent Support Within Existing Brickwork

The stability & lateral strength of masonry is unpredictable & varies; depending on the length of an opening, the mortar mix, the age and the quality of the masonry.

The fully tested Brick Brace safety tool increases the variable strength of masonry by creating a force of 40Nm which through testing is proven to be strong and stable enough to prevent collapse during alterations.

The Brick Brace, guidance,  correct procedures, weight charts and proven strategies address the main causes of minor and major collapse during masonry alterations.

Instructions & Download Page; Click HERE

If a human error story is complete only by relying on the “bad apples” who lack the motivation to perform better, it is probably missing the real story behind failure.


The shortcomings of the bad apple theory are severe and deep. Progress on safety based on this view is a short-lived illusion. Focusing on individual failures does not take away the underlying problem. Removing “defective” practitioners (throwing out the bad apples) fails to remove the potential for the errors they made and to prevent the same accidents re-occurring.

So why would anyone adhere to the bad apple theory of human error?

One is that it is a relatively straightforward approach to dealing with safety. It is simple to understand and cheap to implement. The bad apple theory suggests that failure is a temporary hiccup in an otherwise smoothly performing, safe operation. Nothing more fundamental, or more expensive needs to be changed.

In order to understand error, you have to examine the larger picture in which these people work by dividing an operational system into a sharp end and a blunt end:

At the sharp end; the train cab, the cockpit, the operating table and construction site, where people are in direct contact with the safety-critical process.

At the blunt end; the organisations that supports, drives and shapes activities at the sharp end, the airline, hospital, equipment vendors, clients, Head/Site Office, Structural engineers and regulators.

The blunt end gives the sharp end resources; equipment, training and procedures to accomplish what it needs to accomplish. But at the same time it puts on constraints and pressures (“don’t be late, don’t cost us any unnecessary money, no holes in internal 1st floor walls”). Thus the blunt end shapes, creates, and can even encourage errors at the sharp end.

Looking for sources of failure far away from people at the sharp end is counterintuitive. If you find that sources of failure lie really at the blunt end, this calls into question the beliefs about safety of the entire system and challenges previous views. Perhaps things are not as well-organised or well-designed as people had hoped. Perhaps this could have happened any time. Or worse, it can happen over & over again.

The main cause of collapse is overloading Acrow props, due to the hidden risks of eccentrically loading, the clarity of use, the variable working load, inadequate training, no safety factors and insufficient research & testing.


Providing clear fitting, working and scaffold access

Pays for itself within two applications

Simple to adapt to

Providing further temporary support options

Keyhole surgery for face brickwork

Full access to the task

Ensures future generations are taught safely & correctly

 Use at any height, high or low

 Stabilises lime & weak mortar masonry to prevent collapse

No Lost or falling masonry

The only temporary support equipment fully tested in multiples on brickwork

 Supports all of the masonry, even in lime mortars

Guaranteed superior finish to a task

Versatile & Lightweight

No voids/traps in scaffolds

Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load

On-site demonstrations available

Also use when propping for total control of a task

Instructions & help-line provided with every order

Minimises the weight of the load to prevent overloading tongues

Protection against minor collapse in-between props

Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load

Allows a prop to be manoeuvred safely during a task

Safely minimising the number of props required

Minimal Repair time

Easy To Store/ Fits in a tool bag

Reduced carbon footprint

Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain

Superior results and time saved



Mr S. Dunaway

 (Builder, Surrey)

 Top quality product.

“After taking the time to read and understand what the Brick Brace has to offer, I can now appreciate the impact this system can have on improving the safety of structural alterations.
After all structural alterations are the only general construction based procedures where NO training or advice is offered to any tradesman”.

“For me, Brick Brace is not just a product; it has provided an understanding of the task, with clear guidance on the limitations of all the equipment.
I also received very helpful advice and instructions from the guys at Brick Brace regarding my own project.
I challenge you all to find another company so invested in your own safety when it comes to structural alterations”.



(Key-Hole Surgery; Support all of the brickwork with minimal making good)

“I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to use this product!! Brilliant.”

BRILLIANT! Saved a lot of time and the beam went in with very little effort and no lifting gear due to our scaffold platform. I would highly recommend this system and we will be using it for all brick opening works from now on.

J. Hoggard, Builder

East Riding Of Yorkshire

The Easiest Way To Fit A Lintel

Half Set Openings to 3,150mm (14 Brick Lengths)

supporting all 91 bricks within the triangle above in a Stretcher bond


What Is A Load-Point?

A 35 degree angle in a stretcher bond and a 25 degree angle in a Flemish bond from both ends of the opening, carrying up to the central perpendicular joint where both angles meet is the load-point.

 When an opening is made within an existing wall and a load point is intact. the triangle of brickwork above the opening is the only masonry that requires support due to the brickwork above naturally arching .

However, upon larger openings and the 3 points do not remain, this law changes and the weight of  the storey height rests back over the length of the opening, due to the brickwork not having the correct arching effect,

This masonry can weigh up to 10 times more than only the small triangle and is why tongued prop attachments are so easily overloaded.

Re-instate A load point

Fit the Brick Brace Safety tool through the top of a broken triangle and it becomes complete, reducing the load to a minimum and safely reducing the number of props required, cost effective without compromising safety.

The Brick Brace reduces the weight of the load & supports all of the masonry.


We have researched temporary masonry support for many years and our fully patented method of strengthening masonry to reduce the weight of the load is the further preparation required for safer and superior results, GUARANTEED.

Masonry Weight Awareness Chart; Click Here

2023 Propping Guide; Click HERE

 Identifying hidden risk; 

A 48.3mm scaffold tube is protected against corrosion with a galvanised finish, and a wall thickness of 4mm. The maximum measurement of eccentric loading upon a scaffold tube is Approx 600mm. Example; Fitting a Gin Wheel. Maximum safe working load 250Kg reducing to 1/5 of the pullers weight. Factor of safety X 4

The 48.3mm Inner tube of an Acrow prop is sprayed with one coat of paint for protection against corrosion, with a wall thickness of only 3.2mm and has up to 28 X 14mm perforations for pin holes. The inner tube is extended to 1350mm from the 1650mm outer tube to reach 3metres and yet the assumed working load is 340Kg. That’s 90Kg more than a scaffold tube of half the length with no 14mm pin-holes, which is not within the laws of physics.

An Acrow prop fitted at a height where a 14mm pin-hole is at a similar height of the top of the outer tube causes a further weakness at the point of stress, as seen below.

The distance between pin-holes is approximately 82mm, therefore a further one in six chances of failure occurring on every use.

Tip; To re-position the pin-hole from the top of the outer tube; reduce the height of the Acrow prop by 40mm and install a suitable 40mm thick sole plate to the foot-plate of the Acrow prop.

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