Simple to adapt to. Improves Masonry Alterations knowledge, Providing further temporary support options. Keyhole surgery for face brickwork. Full access to the task. Use at any height, high or low. Stabilises lime & weak mortar masonry to prevent collapse. No Lost or falling masonry.

The only temporary support equipment fully tested in multiples on brickwork. Supports all of the masonry, even in lime mortars. Guaranteed superior finish to a task. Versatile & Lightweight. No voids/traps in scaffolds. Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load. Instructions & help-line provided with every order. Ensures future generations are taught safely & correctly.

Masonry weight awareness chart provided. Pays for itself within two applications. Minimal Repair time. Easy To Store/ Fits in a tool bag. Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain. Guaranteed Superior results and time saved.


(Key-Hole Surgery; Support all of the brickwork with minimal making good)

 Further Uses;

Also use when propping for total control of a task.  Protection against minor collapse in-between props. Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load. Allows a prop to be manoeuvred safely during a task and safely minimises the number of props required.

The working load of  a tongued prop attachment varies from 340Kg down to 0Kg of which can’t be calculated safely due to;

A, the various brands, sizes, condition and age of an Acrow prop.

B, the different heights an Acrow props inner tube is extended from the outer tube, as seen in the Acrow prop graph below;

C, the different lengths of eccentric loading, (measurement from the central-axis of the Acrow prop to the centreline of the wall).

D, The amount of Acrow props used, how plumb and how tightly installed.

When both the working load and the lateral strength of the structure is only assumed, collapse is more than a possibility when propping with eccentrically loaded bendable tongues which sit on a number of misused Acrow props.


Designed to support the internal side when bracing the external face brickwork

Prop-Wise x 3 – Click Here To View Product


Supplied with instructions and Acrow prop guidance and is by far the safest tongued prop attachment on the market.



C. Harrison May 2020

So much better than the normal strongboy type, thicker steel so don’t bend, the acrow slot into the propwise and then is clapped to it, which makes it sturdy and also safe as wont fall of the top of your acrows, and cheaper compared to a standard strongboy!!! I certainly feel safer working under them compared to other makes. I would strongly advise to buy these if your buying there brickbrace set up, they work perfectly together.


Mr S. Dunaway

 (Builder, Surrey)

 Top quality product.

“After taking the time to read and understand what the Brick Brace has to offer, I can now appreciate the impact this system can have on improving the safety of structural alterations.
After all structural alterations are the only general construction based procedures where NO training or advice is offered to any tradesman”.

“For me, Brick Brace is not just a product; it has provided an understanding of the task, with clear guidance on the limitations of all the equipment.
I also received very helpful advice and instructions from the guys at Brick Brace regarding my own project.
I challenge you all to find another company so invested in your own safety when it comes to structural alterations”.

“I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to use this product!! Brilliant.”

BRILLIANT! Saved a lot of time and the beam went in with very little effort and no lifting gear due to our scaffold platform. I would highly recommend this system and we will be using it for all brick opening works from now on.

J. Hoggard, Builder

East Riding Of Yorkshire

The Scape-Goat Builder

Understand British Legislation and the consequences of assumed calculations.

An architect has the artistic freedom to design & draw any new opening size they wish upon an existing property into a rear or side extension with a few lines and a rubber and with no care of how it is done in real life.

For over thirty-five years structural engineers have provided the method of  out-of-date tongued prop attachments which may save time by cutting corners but also compromises the safety of the builder, work colleagues & occupiers/clients as the method doesn’t allow the correct fitting/work/scaffolding access without dangerously overloading the structure above, especially when cavity sizes have increased and steels sizes enlarged.

Upon this assumed, generic and out of date calculation, the builder purchase/hire tongued prop attachments of which are supplied with zero written guidance and are sold by a vast majority of retailers with limited masonry alterations knowledge, and when the obvious accidents of overloading re-occur, only the builder is at fault and fined or worst-case scenario; imprisoned for corporate manslaughter where collapse causes a fatality.

Contact us for unbiased advice on your next project, or book an on-site demonstration.



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