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Fit a permanent support within existing masonry at any height, with the correct fitting/work access. Replace lintels, fit new fire guards, cavity trays & D.P.C’s with ease. Re-instate a load-point to reduce the weight of the load and an under-pinning aid. Strengthen/stabilise lime mortar masonry to eliminate the risk of collapse and aids most remedial works, brickwork renovations & repairs.


Mr S. Dunaway

 (Builder, Surrey)

 Top quality product.

“After taking the time to read and understand what the Brick Brace has to offer, I can now appreciate the impact this system can have on improving the safety of structural alterations.
After all structural alterations are the only general construction based procedures where NO training or advice is offered to any tradesman”.

“For me, Brick Brace is not just a product; it has provided an understanding of the task, with clear guidance on the limitations of all the equipment.
I also received very helpful advice and instructions from the guys at Brick Brace regarding my own project.
I challenge you all to find another company so invested in your own safety when it comes to structural alterations”.

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We created the Brick Brace to counter act all of the hidden problems of eccentrically propping the working side of the exterior wall and to make masonry alterations more controllable, safer and easier during the task.



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(Key-Hole Surgery; Support all of the brickwork with minimal making good)

“I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to use this product!! Brilliant.”

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BRILLIANT! Saved a lot of time and the beam went in with very little effort and no lifting gear due to our scaffold platform. I would highly recommend this system and we will be using it for all brick opening works from now on.

J. Hoggard, Builder

East Riding Of Yorkshire

For Every Builders Tool Box

Which Masonry Requires Support?

The main cause of collapse is overloading due to not knowing the weight of the load and propping equipment having a variable working load.

Using The Brick Brace; Step One


A 35 degree angle in a stretcher bond and a 25 degree angle in a Flemish bond from both ends of the opening, carrying up to the central perpendicular joint where both angles meet is the 14

 When an opening is made within an existing wall and a load point is intact. the triangle of brickwork above the opening is the only masonry that requires support due to the brickwork above naturally arching .IMG 0548

However, upon larger openings and the 3 points do not remain, this law changes.

And the weight of all of the storey height rests back over the length of the opening, due to the brickwork not having the correct arching effect,

This masonry can weigh up to 10 times more than only the small triangle and is why tongued prop attachments are so easily 15

Re-instate A load point

Fit the Brick Brace Safety tool through the top of a broken triangle and it becomes complete, reducing the load to a minimum and safely reducing the number of props required, cost effective without compromising safety.

photo 1

photo 2

The Brick Brace reduces the weight of the load, supports all of the masonry.

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