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LIMITED EDITION! Prop-Wise Masonry Support X 4


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The safest tongued prop attachment on the market!

The only tongued prop attachment designed to support one side of a cavity wall and still maintaining the maximum safe working load.

 Includes 4 Prop-Wise masonry supports, Acrow prop guidance, instructions of use, masonry weight awareness chart  and free delivery within the UK,

 ONLY £99.00


Further & Safer Options.

No web to impede the fitting area.

Designed with a totally flat top to ease internal use. 

Designed to use the head plate so not to curve the inner tube of an Acrow prop.

Tightened securely onto an Acrow prop. 

Prop 4″ walls from the opposite side as the fitting/work side for a superior safe working load.

Fewer props within the work area upon larger openings.

Fewer fitting holes, less masonry damage.

Easy to store/fits in a tool bag.

500kg Max Safe working load.

 Superior factor of safety.

Simple to use without compromising safety.

Cost effective.

Support masonry with a superior factor of safety, instructions of use are always provided and also available to print/read prior to purchasing via our download/instruction page.


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