Brick Brace – Half Set

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Includes free delivery within the UK Mainland


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6 safety tools, 6 hooks, 4 couplers, anchor bolts, Instructions, guidance and free delivery within the UK.

(Scaffold tube not included)

Openings up to 3,150 mm, approx 14 brick lengths with no Acrow props or Strongboys to impede access, supporting all  91 bricks within the triangle of masonry above the opening, (Stretcher bond), at any height high or low.

Fitted 3 bricks apart in a cement mortar mix, a maximum of 2.5 bricks apart within a lime or weak mortar mix and within every perpendicular joint upon block work.


No lost or falling masonry during a task, minimal “making good”.

Supports ALL of the masonry even in lime mortars.

Superior results achieved.

No voids or traps within scaffolds.

The correct space to fit lintels/steels safely.

Use at any height, high or low!

Saves time and costs without compromising safety.

Enhances and increases the safety factor of all existing propping methods.

Simple to use.

Full guidance provided.

Easy to store/Fits in a tool bag.

Fully tested in multiples.

Pays for itself within two applications!


Tel: 01895 546405


4 reviews for Brick Brace – Half Set

  1. Chris Payne

    I’m chester based builder and I am the builder From ITV BAD BUILDERS BANG TO RIGHTS and Channel 5 Cowboy builders. Amazing time saving the Brick Brace is always in my van. Easy to set up and quicker than strong boys and acros.
    Simple and effective

    5 out of 5
  2. kez

    couldnt use acro props as i was removing 9mtr of brick from flashing course to replace damp tray . this system does what it says on the tin . benefit of this system outways the cost . its a nobrainer .

    5 out of 5
  3. Mick Dance

    Brilliant tool,well made,you feel more confident nothings going to drop. less acrows so easier to get the steels up in tight sites,narrow kitchens ect ,no more dodgy strong boys trying to keep both skins supported .clients happier as they keep there kitchen running longer before the knock through.definitely the way forward.cheers Mickey

    5 out of 5
  4. Henri

    The best tool I have used for years. Very easy to install and can fit in a tool bag, no more using strong boys or acrows makes a hard job very easy now. Would highly recommend for builders, bricklayers and DIY. Great tool at a great price.
    Millbridge brickwork

    5 out of 5

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