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Brick Brace – Trial Set


Create Openings at any height, High or low.

Includes free UK delivery.

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The Brick Brace Safety System

Trial Set

3 Brick Brace safety tools, 3 safety hooks, 2 couplers, anchor bolts, full instructions, guidance & free delivery within the UK.

(Scaffold tube not included)


We created the Brick Brace to provide further options, to counter act all of the hidden problems of eccentrically propping, to make alterations more controllable, safer and easier during the task and to ensure future generations are taught correctly.

The Brick Brace is the only method that strengthens masonry, to prevent collapse.

safety tools are fitted three bricks apart in a cement mortar mix, a maximum of two and a half bricks apart in a weak/ lime mortar mix and within every perpendicular joint upon Block work.IMG 4010

Trial set

Openings of up to 2250mm in a cement mortar mix & 1800mm in a lime mortar mix  at any height high or low.


Simple to adapt to

Improves Masonry Alterations knowledge

Providing further temporary support options

Keyhole surgery for face brickwork

Full access to the task

Ensures future generations are taught safely & correctly

 Use at any height, high or low

 Stabilises lime & weak mortar masonry

Increases the variable lateral strength of masonry

No Lost or falling masonry

Fully tested in multiples

 Supports all of the masonry, even in lime mortars

Guaranteed superior finish to a task

Versatile & Lightweight

Full access foe scaffolding with no voids or traps

Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load

Pays for itself within two applications

Reduced Repair time

Easy To Store/ Fits in a tool bag

Reduced carbon footprint

Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain.

Superior results and time saved


  Tel: 01895 546405

To Brace masonry, the force required upon the safety tools is estimated at 700N, for a safety factor of x 3 the force required in the safety tool is 2.1kN.

A recommended torque of 40Nm produces a force of 3.28kN which is more than adequate even allowing for some fall off in force as the tool beds in. This torque is also readily achievable on site and was also used in the test via a ratchet spanner. It also provides a force well below that to crush the end faces of the brick. When bricks were removed from below there was no distress whatsoever, no visible movement or cracking which suggested that the calculations are very reasonable.


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