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Brick Brace – Full Set


The Brick Brace Safety System Full Set

Free Delivery within the UK


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12 safety tools, 12 hooks, 6 couplers, anchor bolts, prompt delivery, full instructions and a correct procedure.

(Scaffold tube not included)



All existing propping methods weaken the lateral strength of the masonry and then rely upon this weakened masonry to work safely, the Brick Brace is the only method that strengthens and stabilises the masonry to prevent collapse.

The fully tested Brick Brace safety tool increases the unknown & variable strength of bonded lime & cement mortar masonry to 40Nm which through testing is proven to be strong and stable enough to prevent collapse.

The Brick Brace is designed to offer further & safer options, to give superior results with a safer fitting/working access and when used in-conjunction with existing propping methods the Brick Brace supports all of the un-held masonry in between props and also helps to avoid collapse through overloading.

 Create openings up to 3150mm, approx 14 brick lengths wide with no Acrow props at any height, high or low. 


The Brick Brace safety system allows openings up to 4,500mm (20 brick lengths) when using only one Acrow prop fitted central & clipped to the horizontal scaffold tube and up to 5,400mm  with full fitting access when using a 6 metre aluminium scaffold beam.

Also used as a safety belt above openings when propping or needling to hold the brickwork in-between props and to help reduce the risk of collapse through overloading when larger steels are required within the existing joist height.

 Support masonry as one whole piece rather than as individual bricks in the case of only propping especially within lime mortar masonry.

Fitted 3 bricks apart in a cement mortar mix, a maximum of 2.5 bricks apart within a lime or weak mortar mix and within every perpendicular joint within block work.

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 Pre-stress masonry with the Brick Brace prior to alterations and support 100% of the masonry above the opening, gain further fitting space, reduce repair time and achieve a guaranteed superior and safer finish.


 Raises masonry alterations knowledge, GUARANTEED!

Improves Masonry Alterations Management.

Providing Further Temporary Support Options.

Keyhole surgery for face brickwork.


Full & Safe access to the task.

 Supports all of the masonry, even in lime mortars.

Superior results achieved.

Versatile & Lightweight.

No Voids Or Traps In scaffolds

Raises the standards within temporary works.

Also used when propping for control, safer & superior results.

Increases a Strongboy’s variable & unknown S.W.L.

Protection against minor collapse in-between props,especially within lime mortar masonry.

Re-instates a load point to safely reduce the weight of the load to prevent overloading Strongboy’s.

Allows a prop to be maneuvered safely during a task.

Safely reduces the number of props required.

Pays for itself within two applications.

Reduces Repair time.

No Lost or falling masonry.

Easy To Store/ Fits in a tool bag.

Reduced carbon footprint.

Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Use at any height, high or low.

 Stabilises lime & weak mortar masonry.

Fully tested in multiples.

Single Tools Only 750 grammes in weight.

Superior results and time saved GUARANTEED.

It’s not possible for a Strongboy or any similar designed product to give the correct fitting work access for every task without dangerously overloading itself, further equipment should also be used which is why we created the non intrusive Brick Brace Safety Tool and Safety System.

Please view our 2020 propping guide for further information!



The stability & strength of masonry varies upon every task of which depends upon the length of the opening, the mortar mix, the age & the quality of the masonry. To work correctly & safely a Strongboy relies upon the unknown strength of masonry.


The safe working load of a Strongboy varies upon which sized Acrow prop and which pin hole height is being used, how tightly the Acrow prop is fitted, how plumb and how far the Acrow prop is positioned from the centre line of the wall.


The many different tasks of masonry alterations require far more fitting/working access than what the Strongboy can safely offer without dangerously overloading itself.

To avoid collapse an eccentrically overloaded Acrow prop is solely relying on the unknown lateral strength of the masonry. To reduce the risk of minor & major collapse when propping with Strongboy’s the Brick Brace should also be used to increase the unknown lateral strength of the masonry to 40Nm which is proven through vigorous testing to be strong & stable enough to prevent collapse during alterations.


A Strongboy dangerously misuses an Acrow prop due to the severe eccentricity of the load and because the web of the Strongboy changes the direction of the load onto the side of the Acrow props inner tube of which is designed for vertical loads only, from the head plate down to the foot plate.

 An eccentrically loaded Acrow prop curves and loses height when overloaded or over tightened which is the legal duty of the user not to overload and to work with an Acrow prop fitted with a Strongboy in a safe, professional & competent manner even though no warning of this is in place. 

The Brick Brace knowledge, guidance, correct procedures, weight charts and proven strategies address all the main causes of collapse during masonry alterations and will keep you within the Construction, Design & Management 2015 guidelines of which now also covers small  domestic projects.



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